Laura (teenangel_1_98) wrote in sfboardies,

Switchfoot Giveaway $40 (Local Only-San Diego)

Okay Switchfoot fans. I've got a bunch of stuff I need to find a home for. First $40 gets it.
What's included:
4 posters(One is signed)
1 wristband
5 small buttons
2 patches
2 stickers
1 record- Songs- "Meant to Live" and "Monday Comes Around"
2 CD's- "Meant to Live introducing Swtichfoot video" and "CD Sampler The Beautiful Letdown"
1 burned CD from comp- 3 videos, "I Dare You to Move", "You Already Take Me There", "New Way to be Human".
1 homemade double sided poster created by Ren. "Do the Dr.ew" and "San Diego LOVE".
1 Legend of Chin insert
2 Holiday postcards from the band
3 VHS tapes of recorded SF appearances-"Late Late Show", "Carson Daly 9/11/03", "TRL 4/5/04(I'm in it.), Pepsi Smash 6/17/04 and Late Show 9/29/04"
3 T-shirts size Large
Many concert photos taken by me
Switchfoot Story "Switchfoot-This is Your Life"

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