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Hi, unupdated community.

I found this really old chatroom conversation...
90 percent of it has to do with the switchfoot boards... it's really funny...

I, to this day, am still confused as to how I came upon this chatroom.

(4:55:17 PM) You have just entered room "The Fallout."
SFconcretegirl04 (4:55:25 PM): hi katie~!
SFconcretegirl04 (4:55:37 PM): Kat-bar~!
TikiPunchIsGood (4:55:39 PM): ......
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (4:55:49 PM): katie kaite???!!!
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (4:55:55 PM): as in...THE KATIE?!
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (4:55:59 PM): no way
TikiPunchIsGood (4:56:09 PM): ...
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (4:56:19 PM): as in katers?
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (4:56:26 PM): MY KATERS?
TikiPunchIsGood (4:56:27 PM): no.
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (4:56:34 PM): oh nvm then
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (4:56:38 PM): who you are?
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (4:56:40 PM): Lol
TikiPunchIsGood (4:56:43 PM): tikipunchisgood
SFconcretegirl04 (4:56:47 PM): no , this one is young
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (4:56:49 PM): haha
TikiPunchIsGood (4:56:52 PM): but im scared of them now so i don't go that much on there
SFconcretegirl04 (4:57:13 PM): oh the boards?
SFconcretegirl04 (4:57:16 PM): i dont go either
SFconcretegirl04 (4:57:28 PM): i just look at jons most recent posts and im outta there
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (4:57:36 PM): ha ha
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (4:57:45 PM): i meant ur real name and how u know us..
SFconcretegirl04 (4:57:45 PM): which reminds
SFconcretegirl04 (4:57:47 PM): me
SFconcretegirl04 (4:57:54 PM): i havent done that in forever
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (4:57:57 PM): it wont let me look at the guys posts!
SFconcretegirl04 (4:58:32 PM): nooooo
SFconcretegirl04 (4:58:48 PM): i will im them to you if you want
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (4:59:15 PM): that would be so awesome!!!! if.....its not too much trouble for you
SFconcretegirl04 (4:59:23 PM): not at all
TikiPunchIsGood (4:59:33 PM): ...
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (4:59:33 PM): thanks!
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (4:59:47 PM): tiki.....what katie are you??
SFconcretegirl04 (4:59:50 PM): youre welcome
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (4:59:53 PM): i am very confuzed!
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (5:00:00 PM): :-D
TikiPunchIsGood (5:00:22 PM): im tikipunchisgood katie.
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (5:00:37 PM): ooo, you're good
TikiPunchIsGood (5:00:57 PM): seriously
TikiPunchIsGood (5:01:00 PM): thats my name on there
SFconcretegirl04 (5:01:03 PM): does anybody know which thread jon posted in last?
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:01:52 PM): on what boards katie?
TikiPunchIsGood (5:02:07 PM): switchfoot......
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:02:20 PM): the official?
TikiPunchIsGood (5:02:27 PM): um. yes.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:02:29 PM): i guess.
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:02:31 PM): oh
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:02:45 PM): then do you know any of these ppl in the room?
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (5:02:51 PM): how old are you?.....if you dont mind me asking, if you do, u dont have to answer
TikiPunchIsGood (5:03:04 PM): 12.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:03:09 PM): but more mature then that.
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (5:03:15 PM): ya....what she said....do u know any of us here?
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (5:03:21 PM): 12, eh?
TikiPunchIsGood (5:03:29 PM): um. depends.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:03:33 PM): Yes, 12.
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:04:12 PM): depends if you noe any of us
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:04:17 PM): interesting
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (5:04:50 PM): know as in...from the boards or......anywhere....
TikiPunchIsGood (5:04:56 PM): no, it depends on if you guys girls are on the boards.
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (5:05:21 PM): .....
TikiPunchIsGood (5:05:27 PM): i dunno.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:05:28 PM): haha
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:06:10 PM): well i'm not but what i'm getting at is that how did you get in here?
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:06:17 PM): jw
TikiPunchIsGood (5:06:26 PM): i do not know.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:06:55 PM): I was typing something and then this popped up and it pressed "yes".
(5:07:06 PM) TheBurnoutKid9 has entered the room.
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:07:15 PM): Yo, homes!
(5:07:29 PM) amchorserider has entered the room.
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:07:36 PM): Yo, Andrewa
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:07:40 PM): With a w because it's cool.
amchorserider (5:07:40 PM): hey!
amchorserider (5:07:46 PM): hehe
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:07:52 PM): HELLO ANDREA!
amchorserider (5:08:10 PM): hi
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:08:11 PM): Who is tikipunch?
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:08:16 PM): we dont know
TikiPunchIsGood (5:08:23 PM): hahah i feel scared.
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (5:08:31 PM): hellooo buuuudies!
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:08:34 PM): The name actually sounds vaguely familiar.
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:08:52 PM): Let's throw rocks at them!
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:08:56 PM): kiddingggg
TikiPunchIsGood (5:08:59 PM): ...
TikiPunchIsGood (5:09:02 PM): *runs off*
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (5:09:02 PM): lol, katie, duck!
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:09:12 PM): Is it the Kat-bar?
SFconcretegirl04 (5:09:20 PM): paige , youre back
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:09:25 PM): Indeed, I am
SFconcretegirl04 (5:09:30 PM): :late reaction:
TikiPunchIsGood (5:09:34 PM): no.....
SFconcretegirl04 (5:09:43 PM): lets ignore this blonde moment , shall we?
SFconcretegirl04 (5:09:51 PM): oay....so we already were
TikiPunchIsGood (5:10:02 PM): ...
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:10:04 PM): Well I wasn't REALLY gonna throw rocks
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:10:13 PM): Unless Tiki starts getting testy
TikiPunchIsGood (5:10:21 PM): um. no.
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:10:25 PM): Hehehe
TikiPunchIsGood (5:10:27 PM): i dont think i plan on doing that
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:10:30 PM): So who invited ya?
TikiPunchIsGood (5:10:36 PM): i don't know
TikiPunchIsGood (5:10:36 PM): haha
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:10:57 PM): Are you from the SF boards?
SFconcretegirl04 (5:11:10 PM): i invited her
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:11:19 PM): OH
SFconcretegirl04 (5:11:24 PM): tiki=kat-bar
TikiPunchIsGood (5:11:26 PM): yes i am.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:11:29 PM): what?
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:11:31 PM): AHA
TikiPunchIsGood (5:11:32 PM): um. no.
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:11:33 PM): LOL
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:11:39 PM): I figured. Since...with the tiki.
SFconcretegirl04 (5:11:54 PM): of course
SFconcretegirl04 (5:11:57 PM): anyway
SFconcretegirl04 (5:12:08 PM): i had jons most recnet posts saved under favorites
SFconcretegirl04 (5:12:12 PM): but i lost it
SFconcretegirl04 (5:12:15 PM): :mourns:
SFconcretegirl04 (5:12:24 PM): now i have to wait til he posts again
TikiPunchIsGood (5:12:58 PM): can't you live without them?
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (5:13:11 PM): woah...haha i just realized..tikifreaky...tikipunchisgood.....haha!!!
amchorserider (5:13:17 PM): paige i finally started school *sadness*
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:13:18 PM): Dude, there has been a sudden increase in peeps signing up for our boards. Way weird.
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:13:24 PM): *points and laughs at Andrea*
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:13:27 PM): WELCOME TO THE PAIN
amchorserider (5:13:30 PM): lol
amchorserider (5:13:48 PM): but guess who i got to watch last night
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:13:53 PM): who?
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:13:56 PM): OH WAIT
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:13:56 PM): THL
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (5:13:58 PM): WHO?!
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:13:59 PM): You bum
amchorserider (5:14:01 PM): hehe yup
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:14:02 PM): Jenna told me.
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (5:14:06 PM): aww
SFconcretegirl04 (5:14:16 PM): gtg
(5:14:16 PM) SFconcretegirl04 has left the room.
amchorserider (5:14:19 PM): i recorded the fallout but i have to load it onto my comp
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:14:25 PM): SCHWEET
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:14:30 PM): That's my favorite song by them.
amchorserider (5:14:32 PM): but i'll send it to you when i have it done
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:14:53 PM): Thanks! That'd be awesome of you.
amchorserider (5:15:37 PM): have you talked to jenna today?
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:15:51 PM): Yep
amchorserider (5:16:07 PM): did she say if she was able to hear when i called her?
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:16:15 PM): Yep she said she heard it
amchorserider (5:16:17 PM): *sigh* i had such bad reception
amchorserider (5:18:49 PM): brb i'm going to switch computers
(5:18:51 PM) amchorserider has left the room.
(5:19:20 PM) SFconcretegirl04 has entered the room.
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:19:28 PM): Pssh
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:19:33 PM): What's up, Krissay
SFconcretegirl04 (5:19:58 PM): leaving again
(5:20:00 PM) SFconcretegirl04 has left the room.
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:23:27 PM): BUTTHOLES
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:23:44 PM): Uh
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:23:46 PM): Same to you?
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:23:48 PM): lol
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (5:23:49 PM): lol, guys i gtg, ciya
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:23:54 PM): bye!
IoLaKaNaDiVa91 (5:23:58 PM): ciya!
TikiPunchIsGood (5:24:00 PM): ....
(5:24:07 PM) IoLaKaNaDiVa91 has left the room.
(5:25:42 PM) SFconcretegirl04 has entered the room.
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:25:51 PM): and hello AGAIN to krissay
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:25:56 PM): Who refuses to stay.
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:25:58 PM): haha
SFconcretegirl04 (5:26:00 PM): this is it , im here to stay
SFconcretegirl04 (5:26:04 PM): in your FACE
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:26:32 PM): what is this the third time?
SFconcretegirl04 (5:26:43 PM): maybe
SFconcretegirl04 (5:26:46 PM): whats your point?
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:26:56 PM): Methinks Krissay has ADD
SFconcretegirl04 (5:29:21 PM): :runs into corner and cries:
SFconcretegirl04 (5:29:25 PM): YOUVE FOUND ME OUT
SFconcretegirl04 (5:29:37 PM): i thought the internet was the one place i could hide it
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:29:43 PM): Bwahahah
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:29:44 PM): WRONG!
SFconcretegirl04 (5:29:53 PM): noooooooooooo
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:30:04 PM): LOL
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:30:06 PM): ROFL
TikiPunchIsGood (5:30:20 PM): omfglolzomgz
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:30:48 PM): yeah....
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:31:02 PM): So Krissay, who's your friend?
SFconcretegirl04 (5:31:20 PM): which one?
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:31:26 PM): Tiki
SFconcretegirl04 (5:31:30 PM): oh , katie
TikiPunchIsGood (5:31:53 PM): I feel so unloved.
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:31:54 PM): Is it *the* katie?
SFconcretegirl04 (5:31:54 PM): awesome~!i tapped into jons recent posts
SFconcretegirl04 (5:31:59 PM): :so lame:
SFconcretegirl04 (5:32:10 PM): and yes , its "the" katie
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:32:10 PM): yo katie thas my line gurl
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:32:28 PM): Ah
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:32:31 PM): Well she sure is quiet!
TikiPunchIsGood (5:32:31 PM): what katie would that be?
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:32:42 PM): katie katers MY KATIE
SFconcretegirl04 (5:32:43 PM): does jon post under jon foreman or jonathan foreman
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:32:46 PM): pottoluvr.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:32:49 PM): no
TikiPunchIsGood (5:32:53 PM): im not katers
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:32:56 PM): *potatoluvr or whatever
TikiPunchIsGood (5:33:00 PM): how manys time must i tell you?
TikiPunchIsGood (5:33:06 PM): many times*
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:33:07 PM): BWahahaha I didn't think you were katers.
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:33:12 PM): My head is still on my neck.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:33:17 PM): uh yeah im NOT
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:33:34 PM): so ur not potatoelvr 12?
SFconcretegirl04 (5:33:36 PM): can someone answer my question?
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:33:43 PM): WAIT I GOTTA FIND OUT
SFconcretegirl04 (5:33:54 PM): and yes , potato luver is tiki
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:34:00 PM): okay so this one isnt tikifreaky
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:34:04 PM): on the fallout boards
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:34:17 PM): this isnt potatoluver 12
TikiPunchIsGood (5:34:19 PM): no.
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:34:21 PM): right?
SFconcretegirl04 (5:34:22 PM): it is tikifreaky
TikiPunchIsGood (5:34:26 PM): im not on those boards.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:34:28 PM): no its not.
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:34:40 PM): LOL Katie are you in a bad mood or something?
SFconcretegirl04 (5:34:41 PM): why are you being so dificult today , katie?
TikiPunchIsGood (5:34:48 PM): um.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:34:54 PM): im not on those boards.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:35:00 PM): i've actually never heard of the,.
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:35:01 PM): i dont think this is the fallout katie
TikiPunchIsGood (5:35:02 PM): them*
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:35:08 PM): I didn't think so either.
SFconcretegirl04 (5:35:09 PM): i know that font
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:35:09 PM): MY KATIE
TikiPunchIsGood (5:35:19 PM): ....
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:35:19 PM): sorry i get protective at times
TikiPunchIsGood (5:35:23 PM): i see
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:35:39 PM): yeah me and katie are pretty good friends
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:35:39 PM): So then where *are* you from, Tiki?
SFconcretegirl04 (5:35:40 PM): katie?curly hair katie?
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:35:42 PM): now..
TikiPunchIsGood (5:35:44 PM): no
SFconcretegirl04 (5:35:48 PM): what?
SFconcretegirl04 (5:35:51 PM): you arent her?
SFconcretegirl04 (5:35:56 PM): what?
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:35:56 PM): NO
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:36:03 PM): she aint katers
SFconcretegirl04 (5:36:06 PM): this is so confusing
TikiPunchIsGood (5:36:07 PM): i am/was on the switchfoot boards.
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:36:12 PM): i wish i knew last names!
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:36:14 PM): Okay, what was your SN?
TikiPunchIsGood (5:36:33 PM): TikiPunchisgood duh...
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:36:44 PM): I thought so...but I was just asking.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:36:50 PM): haha
TikiPunchIsGood (5:36:51 PM): its alright
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:36:57 PM): okay so u r NOT potatoluver 12
SFconcretegirl04 (5:36:58 PM): is that a laugh?
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:37:06 PM): ROFL No, Lyndz, it's not Katie.
SFconcretegirl04 (5:37:08 PM): chickens will now grow teeth
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:37:08 PM): Not Kat-bar
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:37:14 PM): ok
SFconcretegirl04 (5:37:14 PM): not kat-bar
TikiPunchIsGood (5:37:17 PM): no.
SFconcretegirl04 (5:37:20 PM): :fumes:
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:37:22 PM): oalrighty
TikiPunchIsGood (5:37:32 PM): this is funny.
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:37:33 PM): so how did you get in here (not to be rude)
TikiPunchIsGood (5:37:38 PM): who invited me anyway?
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:37:39 PM): ?
SFconcretegirl04 (5:37:40 PM): i invited her/him
TikiPunchIsGood (5:37:40 PM): AHA
TikiPunchIsGood (5:37:44 PM): okay.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:37:44 PM): haha
TikiPunchIsGood (5:37:46 PM): her!
TikiPunchIsGood (5:37:48 PM): IM A GIRL
SFconcretegirl04 (5:37:49 PM): oh
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:37:49 PM): THATS WHAT I WANNA NOE!
SFconcretegirl04 (5:37:54 PM): okay then
TikiPunchIsGood (5:38:02 PM): haha
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:38:08 PM): LOL
SFconcretegirl04 (5:38:15 PM): ohhh kat-bar lives in wisconsin\
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:38:17 PM): Well if you ever get the chance you should check out our boards.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:38:27 PM): which would be....?
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:38:40 PM): The Fallout
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:38:42 PM): wakup.to/thefallout
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:38:44 PM): http://thefalloutcrew.proboards33.com/index.cgi
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:38:46 PM): www.
TikiPunchIsGood (5:39:05 PM): mmk.
SFconcretegirl04 (5:39:09 PM): everyone , describe the website in one word
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:39:12 PM): www.wakeup.to/thefallout
TikiPunchIsGood (5:39:14 PM): someday. but i must be heading off now.
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:39:16 PM): Goofy
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:39:19 PM): PSYHCOTIC
SFconcretegirl04 (5:39:30 PM): whimsical
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:39:36 PM): LOL
TikiPunchIsGood (5:39:42 PM): ...
TikiPunchIsGood (5:39:46 PM): okay well im leaving now.
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:39:50 PM): Okay..
TheBurnoutKid9 (5:39:51 PM): bye
SFconcretegirl04 (5:39:54 PM): goodbye new katie~!
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:39:55 PM): pfft
TikiPunchIsGood (5:39:56 PM): haha byebye
TikiPunchIsGood (5:39:57 PM): haha
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:40:00 PM): bye
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:40:08 PM): weird one
xXxMuSeRoCkErxXx (5:40:10 PM): JK

I just thought I would share that with you.
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