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DYTM Cover...

Okay if you are a myspacer or not you should click this link and check out a local artist here in Washington. His name is Benj and he t0tally pwns on the guitar, he is very talented.. he love's Jesus, music, surfing and of course some Switchfoot.

So check out this cover he did on his six string of "Dare You To Move"


(he was even nice enough to let you download it!)

-isn't it annoying when people cross post the same thing? heh-

"Jonnyups: one of the best covers i've heard of switchfoot"
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you did not just quote me as if people are going to know who i am. hahhaha!



who doesn't know you? :P
hahaha...this totally made me laugh - you boys always make me laugh. :)
We are cute. :)
that's freaking good.

and it is annoying. gosh!

Yes and yes!

If my computer was cool enough to let me listen to music I'd totally do so. But it won't. So I'll coment on other things.

SHERWOOD. I love them. They spent the night at my house. They ate all of my food. They're so amazing. I can't wait for their new CD. *DIES*

I didn't know anyone else had heard of them lol
Heard of them? Pfft.. Oh, I have a web site you might like: http://punkrockvids.com/downloads.html

They have an amazing bunch of vids.. even a Sherwood one, that pwns all!
Sherwood rules the world...or something lol

I have part of Mike's pants on my wall. He put them there. Strange kid he is. He wrote "THESE ARE MINE!" Good ol' Mike lol

I'll check out that site next time I get on my neighbors computer, 'cause mine will have a heart attack lol
That was the best cover of anything I've heard in a long time. Thanks for sharing.
that was really good! it was the best cover I've heard of them. neato.
p.s. this is Allibaby15 from the boards.